The National Assembly is the legislative authority of the state of Kuwait that has a mandate of legislation and oversight on the executive authority;s work and implementation of laws. The Assembly is composed of fifty members elected directly by universal suffrage and secret ballot in accordance with the provisions prescribed by the electoral law
Laws are issued only upon the approval of the Assembly and the ratification of H.H. the Amir. The third chapter of the constitution of Kuwait, issued in 1962 has described the articles and competencies of the legislative authorities in three main areas

1. Legislative Affairs : include bills, decrees and treaties
2. Political Affairs : include decisions, proposals, questions , interpolations, request for debate , inquiries and receiving petitions and complaints from citizens
3. Financial Affairs: include the discussions, debates and ratification of public budgets and their annual final accounts as well as the approval of the assembly's budget.  

مجلس الأمة

Members of the National Assembly

Legislative Chapter XV

Ahmed Abdulaziz alSadoun


Osama Essa AlShaheen


Dr. Abdul-Kareem AlKandari


Mohamed Barrak AlMutair

Deputy Speaker

Mohamed Barrak AlMutair
Deputy Speaker